Monday, November 30, 2009

These Little Wonders

Funny the things in life that makes us contemplate. I am speaking about those things that form a dead-stop in our paths, analyzing the purposes and mysteries of life; questioning how complex those meanings and mysteries appear. If only our minds could just contain the simpleness of life's happenings rather than twisting and turning each moment into an obscure web of chaos. But such simple mindedness evades me.

Instead, I discover myself submerging in myriad of emotions, riding the waves of life's highs as well as lows, reminiscing those life-altering episodes of my past, also dreaming of an unknown destiny. I discover myself trying to analyze of all those "what ifs" and generating alternate scenarios for my life. The irony is that I like my life right now, here in this place and in this age. It's not so much desire for something else, but rather a mind and heart copious with so much life that it cannot entirely be contained. These experiences and moments that have formed the abundance of my existence, made me into whom I am today and I am very content of it.

Photo Source: Talking With Teenie


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