Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Immortal

Photo by: Deviantart

You are the archangel from my nightmares, the beast from my dreams. Pursuing me everywhere, you are besieging me it seems. I observe your shadow in the mirror, you are usurping over me. I cannot do anything to cease it, I just want to scream. Just want to holler and shout this fluid bubbling in my veins. Tauntingly you murmur, I hear you ululate my name. The darkness is conquering me, It's approaching from deep within. You are my inner incubus bursting out through veniality. Cannot take the feverish inside. The recollections, the gloominess that keeps coming back when you pass by; I recognize I cannot disguise. The demons are following me, don't want my past to mimic. Am I intended to live? or am I meant to forfeit this beat? The ache will not leave, the tears are dropping like rain. Is the closure I've been looking for not what I've retrain? Why will you not leave? You have another lover. What? Isn't she the fulfillment of your life's routine like you wanted it to be? I won't got through this, I already learned my lesson. I feel bad for her. She's not witty. She's been trapped in your bewitchment, oh how I feel the pity. "There's more than meets the eye" I've heard people say, but in you the only thing I see is nothing that is worth me losing nor to gain. Now it's all about me, stop doing for others. Yes, I might sound selfish, but hey, I have to continued what you interrupted. Go ahead with you mistress, just leave me alone. I know better than not to mess with you, stop tormenting me, just go!

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