Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Love In The Office? I Don't Think So

We spend the majority of time at work. 40 hours of  the week or even more. Due to this, most single men and women don’t have the time to socialize and meet new people. Naturally we go ahead and seek potential  partners within our surroundings. Don't be surprise if romance springs up because Cupid's arrow pierces through those cubicle walls.

"Oh, I get to see him all day and eat lunch with him" Blah, blah, blah. Yeah, at first we think this is a wonderful idea because we met someone of similar background and interest. Why not, right? The hard work doesn't give us time for socializing, why not give it a shot if you've found the person you were looking for in your work place? Well, honey, think again. There are huge consequences of workplace romance which can be an headache and maybe even cause you to get fired.

Office romance can decrease work efficiency. You lack of focus because you're busy thinking about your office lover. It causes failure to present new ideas, multitask and even have a loss of the competition edge. All these are huge signs that maybe, just maybe, if you love your job, you might have to just reconsider the choice of having an office romance. Think of what you want out of the relationship. Just sit down and contemplate about what your job means to you. Be clear about the consequences that my occur. Is it worth it? It may be extremely difficult to see what there is to lose when diving into a relationship if you're really into this person. But on the other hand, if it doesn't work out, it could damage your professional reputation. Office gossip, jealousy; not to mention the possibility you'll have to keep working with him/her after the breakup.

I've experience, at my current job, the employees that were involved in their office romance, handled it like adults and move on with their respective lives. I have yet to see an office romance resulting into a bad scene, but I'm aware this may happen on a regular basis at workplaces. This just scares me. I would never even consider dating someone at work. I may like someone, but that doesn't mean I will jeopardize my job for something that I know might go downhill and will have me stressing out all day. I'll just keep him as an eye candy. That won't do me any harm, right? Anyway, like every other person, We need time for ourselves. Why would you want to see your "office lover" five days a week for eight hours or more? Then that's without all the nagging, complaining about " You don't even talk to me at work".  These are some of the consequences I wouldn't want to deal with either. The jealousy that might creep up; if your boss is playing favorites, when its time to get a promotion, why did he/she get it if I work harder than him/her? Just me writing about it is making me twitch. I mean, don't get me wrong. I know people who were lucky with their office romance; actually got married three months ago and live happily ever after, but that doesn't mean everyone is going to have that same luck. All I know is the thought of an office romance does not even cross my mind whatsoever and never will.

Have you had an office romance? If so, I would like to hear your opinion about it. Is it really worth it? Or do you just lose touch with reality.

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heavealie said...

yea it can be kind of annoying if the office relationship doesn't work and then also you have to see his face everyday.but what if you are like head over heels over someone.haha will you think about all these points or you will just ignore them?actually there are a lot of disadvantages of office relationship.yea you like someone and you want to spend time with hm-but spend every waking hour of your life with him is insane.good point.actually I'm a sportsman so there are no chances of an office relation growing!!good post,keep writing!!

RdGarnet said...

I mean, if you are head over heels, I guess you wouldn't mind seeing the person everyday at work, I guess. But that could start some issues like him/her complaining that you don't talk to them often at work or you don't show affection. It's work. You can't really be all mushy, hugging and snuggling at your workplace, am I right?

Well I'm a sports girl and I don't see that either. :) Loved you point of view. Thanks for sharing.

missy. said...

i think that work should be work only. but then again there are no men at my office who i would even consider dating or they are all married. so this is really a problem for me.

good post.

missy. said...

i think that work should be work only. but then again there are no men at my office who i would even consider dating or they are all married. so this is really a problem for me.

good post.

Amy said...

I've had major crushes for guys at my work, but I was able to get my work done despite that. I don't think I could stay focused if I was IN LOVE with a coworker though. Nothing really got too far...I'm grateful for that. I couldn't imagine dating someone I work with, breaking up with them and then having to show up the next day and see them at work. That would suck.

So no dating coworkers. It may be alright in shows like, "The Office", but in my opinion, just try to steer clear.

RdGarnet said...

Help yeah! If you really thinly about it, its not worth the risk. If I'm that desperate, ill have to go with something like; any other dating site out there. But since I'm focusing on me, I really don't have time for. Dating; seriously at least.

eQ said...

Hey girl. Office romances are such a no no. But I have seen some work out. Even lead to marriage. So really it's anyones guess. I personally can't go there. I do like to oogle and flirt with the office hotties, but in my industry most of the guys tend to be gay.

Nice new layout...looks eerily similar to mine!

RdGarnet said...

Same here girl. Most guys who work with me are either married or gay. The crazy thing is, the gay ones are the eye candy in the place, lol

Thanks :) it does. The only difference is, yours better :)

Ps. Pardon the typos. Been commenting with my phone. ;)

P.T said...

My office affair was brief! In hindsight I'm glad for the same reasons you mentioned above. I quit the job because I was relocating. Miles and miles away. It'll always be a relationship I'll treasure for the rest of my life. 'Twas short and sweet. :)

Tonja +Jere + Kids said...

never had a romance, at the office. had eye candy though. made the day go by. but that is all.