Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010

It's Time.....

 “Self-observation brings man to the realization of the necessity of self-change. And in observing himself a man notices that self-observation itself brings about certain changes in his inner processes. He begins to understand that self-observation is an instrument of self-change, a means of awakening.” George Gurdjieff 

I have awaken. I found me. Deep down to the core. I am ready. Ready to act. Ready to say. Ready to be me. Enough of this censoring, with tapping "backspace". It's time to spit it out without regrets, without attachments. Letting it loose; taking off it's leash, enough hiding in the "daft ". Fearless maybe crass, better not look back. Enough with walking on egg shells just to protect a few. This is my territory, my instrument. I'm playing with or with out you. 

.....You choose.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Technology: Can You Keep Up With The Pace Of Change?

Every day, a new technological discovery is pounding on your monitor, trying to burst in and get your attention: "Hey, look at me, try me, check me out!, upload our Beta version, upgrade to the latest version, check out the newest gizmo, that new whatchamacallit"….

It is a very exciting to be so drawn into technology and the new media. Twitter keeps on trying to invade the internet world by storm as it collects your current updates and data from the major social media players. Are you connected? All these sites, like Mashable, keeps you updated on what is going on out there in the media world, Twitter, Google, Facebook, Myspace, Blogger and so on. "Mashable tweeted some very interesting news yesterday", "Google Launches Real-Time Search!" Can anyone really afford to not know about Twitter anymore? It amazes me that there are those that still withstand.

Frequently, Social Media sites broadcast innovating improvements, faster downloads, sharper images, advanced functionality. I contend again: there is no way in hell a social/new media expert out there. How could there imaginably be? I can not conceive of that. There are only those that are comfortable enough to be ok with trying to keep up with it or those that actually get it and take the initiative to get more involved. Just when you mastered the “latest” version, another one launches. Just when you think you have the latest, coolest, bad ass gadget, BANG! Another one is released. Just when we think we have it all figured out, like Windows Vista……..HERE’S WINDOWS 7

I love the changes. I like discovering them through Twitter or my Facebook news feed. I take pleasure in knowing that we have to keep learning. To me it's like an orgasm; I crave it all the time. I enjoy making my brain bigger; it's fuel to my cerebrum. I can't help it, I'm a techy. Also, I am pleased that we cannot possibly keep up with this super sonic speed. It's just fun! Adaptation takes longer for some; most brains just need a bit more time which with gaining a little of patience will help you in that department. While your brain is playing catch up, log on to your sources from Facebook, Twitter, Mashable or Plaxo. The game might be changing, but the song remains the same. You just got to be ready for it.

So take a chance- Reach out. Reach out and touch someone.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Clock Watching

Watch the magnetic pendulums sway from side to side. We are running out of time, are we? Witness it count down to the end of each day. It’s so unreal how the clock ticks life away. Every movement, every blink, every smile, every tear, every unspoken words we wanted to declare, every dreams that we are waiting and willing to share. Just take a chance, leap with no fear. Holding back won't get you anywhere. Tik-Tok, Tik-Tok, we continue to clock watch. Wasting every second, every minute, every hour; Just say it, go ahead and do, don't hold back. You'll end up having something to lose or something to gain; like minutes not going to waste. Tik-Tok, Tik-Tok, no more of this clock watching. Go ahead, just live in this moment just this time, get ready to let your life unwind.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Accomplishments: Should We Define Our Everyday Life By It?

“What if we did not delineate our daily life by what we attained?”

This interrogative expression set me forth on a broader path of inquiringness along with introspection. What if our daily lives were not signified by how much we attained or the notches of achievement we proudly trace off before ending the night? What if we stopped concentrating so much on marking off each item on the must-do list? What if we overhaul our own individual meanings for the term “accomplishment”? How do we, distinctly and collectively, signify our daily lives? Does our definition mimic our genuine values? For me, life’s interpretation is not about what I bring out or do not conclude. It is about who I am, who others are, and our act in relationships with each other. For me, life is not about performing, but rather about being.

I waste much of my time clocked up with classes, studying, work, and completing the essential errands that reality demands. The act of “doing” cannot be extinguished, or should it be. It is not in the “doing” that we mislay our meaning and purpose, but when the “doing” converts more valuable than just “being”. I am aware that I am often culpable of defining my own daily life by what I have attained throughout the day. Collecting away those deeds of “accomplishment” or achievement, I would characterize my life in a way that much more nearly resembles the person that I am and the fundamental values that endure within my soul. I would define my life by the love I consign and receive, by gratitude for blessings and prayers for those in need; by a balance of dedication to self and others, moments of exhilaration and harmony, the treasures of elegance and yearning; In terms of smirks and laughter, squeezes and kisses, words and affections, through artistry and dreaming, encouragement and taking chances, embracing and unleashing, comprehending and believing.

At the end of our lives, does it really matter if the lawn was mowed every Saturday? If we set aside work on a treatise in account of an afternoon spent in the company of our loved ones and the simplicity of nature? Does it matter if we worked hours overtime or did the laundry get done after dinner? For me, these are absolutely not the things that matter in the end. At the completion of my life, what will matter is that I have comprehended the strength also brittleness of love, that I have brought a difference in my own life and in others. For me, defining my everyday life means that I must intentionally embrace it, for what is it valued at the end.

Image Source: File Magazine


Monday, November 30, 2009

These Little Wonders

Funny the things in life that makes us contemplate. I am speaking about those things that form a dead-stop in our paths, analyzing the purposes and mysteries of life; questioning how complex those meanings and mysteries appear. If only our minds could just contain the simpleness of life's happenings rather than twisting and turning each moment into an obscure web of chaos. But such simple mindedness evades me.

Instead, I discover myself submerging in myriad of emotions, riding the waves of life's highs as well as lows, reminiscing those life-altering episodes of my past, also dreaming of an unknown destiny. I discover myself trying to analyze of all those "what ifs" and generating alternate scenarios for my life. The irony is that I like my life right now, here in this place and in this age. It's not so much desire for something else, but rather a mind and heart copious with so much life that it cannot entirely be contained. These experiences and moments that have formed the abundance of my existence, made me into whom I am today and I am very content of it.

Photo Source: Talking With Teenie


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Immortal

Photo by: Deviantart

You are the archangel from my nightmares, the beast from my dreams. Pursuing me everywhere, you are besieging me it seems. I observe your shadow in the mirror, you are usurping over me. I cannot do anything to cease it, I just want to scream. Just want to holler and shout this fluid bubbling in my veins. Tauntingly you murmur, I hear you ululate my name. The darkness is conquering me, It's approaching from deep within. You are my inner incubus bursting out through veniality. Cannot take the feverish inside. The recollections, the gloominess that keeps coming back when you pass by; I recognize I cannot disguise. The demons are following me, don't want my past to mimic. Am I intended to live? or am I meant to forfeit this beat? The ache will not leave, the tears are dropping like rain. Is the closure I've been looking for not what I've retrain? Why will you not leave? You have another lover. What? Isn't she the fulfillment of your life's routine like you wanted it to be? I won't got through this, I already learned my lesson. I feel bad for her. She's not witty. She's been trapped in your bewitchment, oh how I feel the pity. "There's more than meets the eye" I've heard people say, but in you the only thing I see is nothing that is worth me losing nor to gain. Now it's all about me, stop doing for others. Yes, I might sound selfish, but hey, I have to continued what you interrupted. Go ahead with you mistress, just leave me alone. I know better than not to mess with you, stop tormenting me, just go!