Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Four Seasons

Come and go with previous notice. Like the leaves from apple green meander to brown in Autumn. As the leaves begin to arid off and cast along to the ground, the frigid gust of this month blows the anesthetized crumbled pieces of me that still wonders along.

Cold as the snow, Winter comes and I already know; while I hibernate awaiting the warmness of you soul. You creep away like the end of Summer. Then return like every other. Spring is here, you can see the flowers blossoming, but what difference does it make if this whole thing is not improving?. Come and go like Winter,Spring, Summer, Fall. How come I see myself still hanging on?


P.T said...


My Life and Your Not In It said...

Wow Cheila, you are doing it!! Now I ask you. WHO ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!?!. I have to know. You are probably on that nostalgic phase you go through this time of year. If it is, I'm sorry and I understand. Give me a call tonight!! Anyway, I love how you describe it/or the person being fickle. Nice choice of words girl.


Chatterbox said...

Nice poem.
I loved your wonderful selection of words and not bothering to stick to rhymes. Rhymes often force us to select words which don't portray our actual thoughts well.

Loved the picture too.

Keep up the wonderful work.

Hope to stay in touch :)


RdGarnet said...

Thanks guys! I'm glad you likey :)


Thanks! Glad you liked it. The picture was actually from this site, which I need to give them credit for on the post. Oh, I will definitely stay in touch.

HaS the Turtle said...

okay two things!

i like your style ;) both in writing and other ways...lol

and where did you find this layout at? i want one thats similar

i found you on 20sb

check me out


RdGarnet said...

Thanks T. LOL Im like you liked it.

Give me your email and ill let you know how.

heavealie said...

even though there are changes in the seasons your life still looks like its still stuck at that very place where it was last year!!if only life was like those four seasons!!well written piece of poem and written in a unique way!!beautiful indeed and the picture complimented really well with your words!!keep writing!!

RdGarnet said...


Thank you for the compliment. I try. I'm still rusting. I actually haven't writing like this in so long.

"even though there are changes in the seasons your life still looks like its still stuck at that very place where it was last year!!"

This is very true. I guess you just have to deal with some of the things that occur along the way. :)