Monday, November 16, 2009

Dream Stalker: Unleashed

I am aware most children go through the phase of "The Boggie Man" under the bed. Or the monster in the closet, but mine was entirely contrary from the rest of it. If you are frightened of the Boogie Man, you can actually sleep with Mom or Dad and you will be fine. With the closet monster you can just seal the door and it's done. With what I've experienced, noting could help at the time, expect getting over it on my own.

I remember it all clearly like if it was yesterday. I was like 7 or 8. I still cannot believe my parents let me go through this. Guess they wanted me to toughen up? I still cannot figure out the answer to it. All I know is that it happened and he still lingers. Who is he? Well, let me describe it for you.

"Welcome To Prime Time B*tch" He use to say. He lingers through the darkness. Waiting, just waiting for those innocent ones. The gullible type. Those who seem comfy between those warm blankets. Sleeping with a night light will relieve the fear. Sleeping with your parents either. He just will not go away. He never dies. He is still out there. A striped cherry and green sweater, old trousers, worn working boots and a green cat hat; that's was he wore. A glove with razor-sharp "finger knives". Disfigured, burned face. Just the thought of it make me relive the my childhood nightmare. And children use to sing this jingle that still gives me the creeps! "One, two, Freddy's coming for you...Three, four, better lock your door...Five, six, grab your crucifix...Seven, eight, gonna stay up late...Nine, ten, never sleep again."

By now, you should know who am I referring to. If not, let me introduce him to you. Here's Mr Kruger.

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Yuck! His picture still makes my stomach turn. Yes this man hauntes you in your dreams! Who would want to sleep after watching his movies? I was terrified of this man. The ironic part this is I have seen all his movies. Yes, I have. Crazy isn't it? I just thought that by seeing all of his movies, waiting for him to die would actually help me overcome my fears. I was wrong. It got worse. I didn't sleep for years. Didn't want to take sleeping aid because I thought he would definitely get him. I was a total wreak! Don't ask me how I got over the fear. All I know is, I did. I sleep peacefully in my warm bed. I think it was so traumatizing that I blocked it out of my system. Nightmares. Some remaining with you, others fading not to comeback. But the flashbacks of them stay with you. Some firm, others growing dim.

PS. Freddy ain't dead. How do I know? Well....

"A Nightmare On Elm Street (Remake)"

So, who or what was your dream stalker?



Anonymous said...

I hated him too. Wow, didn't know they were remaking it either. Great description. Liked the post.

- jen

My Life and Your Not In It said...

I knew he was going to come back with a remake! Like anonymous said, great description. That guy is a freak! I have to say mine was that clown called "it". I should blog about him. Thanks for the idea Cheila. :) Xo

RdGarnet said...

Ha! Thanks Jen.


The clown "It" is terrifying! I think he's worse. What about chukky? that little guy freaks me out!