Thursday, October 15, 2009

National Grouch Day?!?! WTF?!?!

If your a grouch then this is the perfect day just for you! Today is the day where you actually have an excuse to be grouchy all day long. Who in the heck would have known , other than myself, that there would be a such  day like “National Grouch Day”? I'm assuming that it’s just a day for fun, especially in the mid of October, when the weather is chilly enough that it causes everyone to want to take a day off from the tiring and blah routine. I'm not speaking for myself since I have yet to experience a bad day at work.

Well, for all those who do celebrate it, I'll just think of it as a day to drop the “nice” act and allow my inner grouchiness to get lose and go ape shit on everyone all day. The bad thing here is, I AM NOT A GROUCH!. I'm usually calm and conscientious, but since it IS the "National Grouch Day", I'll give it a try. Hmmmm, what would I do if I were a grouch, what would I do?!?........

  • I'll be a total a-hole driver who cuts people off, refuses to use a turn signal. I might also toss in some rude gesture, hehe 
  • Be condescending to my co-workers. Better yet, I'll alienate everyone who crosses my path at work. (I hate people who are condescending, but since this is me being a "grouch", I'll play along with it)
  • I'll bitch to everyone all day! About how come the guys didn't  put the toilet sit down after they used it or how I have to wake up at the crack of ass every morning then too tired to head to my night classes.

Whew!! Enough with the grouchiness. It's not in my nature. Well, even though it's grouch day and you're not suppose to say "nice" things to anyone, I have to go with my mood.....HAVE AN AWESOME DAY! :-D

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Tonja +Jere + Kids said...

i must have missed that one! i didn't know such a day existed.