Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Downtime -Time To Hibernate

Social networking, blogging and reading articles, are a major part in my life. I am certain that I'm not the only person who thinks the same about this. Sometimes we need to disconnect, unplug ourselves from the "Cyber World" so we can recharge our battery to continue when we reconnect. It is a way to stay productive and keep our creativity going from day to day, preventing our brain to "freeze" and not having to hit control-alt-delete.

Here is a list of things I do when I'm unplugged and charging.

  • Soccer:  Don't get to excited now. It's not what you're thinking. I DON'T play but I wish I had. I actually go to my little sister's soccer games and tournaments. She's 12 and plays in a club team here in Baltimore. The great part of this is we travel to different states. It's none of that around the corner games. Every season, we head to Richmond, WAGS (aka Washington Area Girls Soccer League), North Carolina, Pennsylvania and now this weekend she is playing on the State Cup 2010 here in Maryland. I am so stoked and proud of her.

  • Read: I enjoy reading on a Sunday afternoon. Right now, I'm reading Penelope Trunk's Book " A New Road to Success". It's really interesting I must say. I recommend it to everyone. My Favorite kind of books are suspense and drama. I know, how ironic. I hate drama in general, especially if it's in my everyday life or people who bring it along with them, and here I am reading those types of books.

  • Music: I heart my I-POD! Other that my hand bound leather journal, that is my second personal possession. I just love to put the head phones on and just drift away to my own world. It's just a way for me to disconnect from everything and everyone; for at least and hour.

  • The Great Outdoors: Ahh, how I love to just go out an expolore God's creation. Go on a bike ride, walk at the park, play volleyball, go hiking. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to go hiking since my little sister made the her soccer club team. It's been hectic, but I will definitely get back to it. I'm thinking to head to Vermont before this year ends because I might consider snowbording. Any good spots?

Well, there you go. This is what I do when I disconnect from the Cyber World. I do other things but I'm not putting it all out there. Little by litte, you'll get to know me; not all of it, but just enough to grab your attention and like me a tiny bit.

So, what do you do when you unplug yourself from the cyber world?

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My Life said...

Nice Post Chukee. I seriously need to unplug from the "cyber world" too. I have no life! :(

Amy said...

Great post :) It's always good to know that my favorite bloggers are humans that don't sit at the computer all day. Haha. I like your list of things...great stuff! I love my Ipod. And I love volleyball and hiking too :)

RdGarnet said...

Yeah. Can you imagine most of these blogger's have no life other than to sit at a computer all day? GOD! I do that at work! Why would I want to continue to do so at home?

It's like those people have a love affair with the "cyber world". I'm sorry but I am trying to pursue my career in nursing and I want to explore the world! Explore it other than searching it on Google, LOL

Tonja +Jere + Kids said...

i take care of kiddos, read a book, go for a walk, write a letter to friends, or send a postcard, take vacations...the normal stuff people do when they are not plugged in.

great blog!