Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Technology: Can You Keep Up With The Pace Of Change?

Every day, a new technological discovery is pounding on your monitor, trying to burst in and get your attention: "Hey, look at me, try me, check me out!, upload our Beta version, upgrade to the latest version, check out the newest gizmo, that new whatchamacallit"….

It is a very exciting to be so drawn into technology and the new media. Twitter keeps on trying to invade the internet world by storm as it collects your current updates and data from the major social media players. Are you connected? All these sites, like Mashable, keeps you updated on what is going on out there in the media world, Twitter, Google, Facebook, Myspace, Blogger and so on. "Mashable tweeted some very interesting news yesterday", "Google Launches Real-Time Search!" Can anyone really afford to not know about Twitter anymore? It amazes me that there are those that still withstand.

Frequently, Social Media sites broadcast innovating improvements, faster downloads, sharper images, advanced functionality. I contend again: there is no way in hell a social/new media expert out there. How could there imaginably be? I can not conceive of that. There are only those that are comfortable enough to be ok with trying to keep up with it or those that actually get it and take the initiative to get more involved. Just when you mastered the “latest” version, another one launches. Just when you think you have the latest, coolest, bad ass gadget, BANG! Another one is released. Just when we think we have it all figured out, like Windows Vista……..HERE’S WINDOWS 7

I love the changes. I like discovering them through Twitter or my Facebook news feed. I take pleasure in knowing that we have to keep learning. To me it's like an orgasm; I crave it all the time. I enjoy making my brain bigger; it's fuel to my cerebrum. I can't help it, I'm a techy. Also, I am pleased that we cannot possibly keep up with this super sonic speed. It's just fun! Adaptation takes longer for some; most brains just need a bit more time which with gaining a little of patience will help you in that department. While your brain is playing catch up, log on to your sources from Facebook, Twitter, Mashable or Plaxo. The game might be changing, but the song remains the same. You just got to be ready for it.

So take a chance- Reach out. Reach out and touch someone.

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